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IT Infrastructure and Office Setup Solutions

Our Service team provides a comprehensive suite of IT infrastructure solutions, including consultation, hardware procurement, solution design, business application implementation, network and security management, and IT support services. Our goal is to offer a cost-effective and comprehensive package that ensures your business can maintain seamless IT operations.

As technology continues to evolve, your company’s current IT infrastructure may not be able to meet the changing needs of your staff. To stay ahead, it is important to have a scalable, cost-effective, and manageable IT infrastructure in place. Our team of IT experts can help you design and implement an optimal solution.




  1. Solution Architecture Design
  2. IT Network Infrastructure Setup Consultation and Project Management
  3. Network and Security Solutions including Wireless, Router, Switch, Firewall, and VPN
  4. Network Cabling
  5. PC, Notebook, Server, UPS, Storage, and Software License Procurement and Setup
  6. Print Infrastructure Procurement and Setup
  7. Cloud Solutions including Microsoft Office 365 and Data Migration Services
  8. Communication Solutions such as IP Phone and Video Conferencing
  9. IT Equipment Relocation Support




  1. Hassle-free, one-stop solution minimizes coordination time and effort, allowing your staff to focus on core business activities
  2. Professional project team ensures timely completion of tasks
  3. Flexible investment and payment options to accommodate companies of all sizes and types
  4. Improved IT performance with reduced risk and peace of mind.

IT Infrastructure and Office Setup Solutions