E-Book Solutions

Profolium E-Book Solutions produce state-of-the-art digital e-book editions.

Audio, video and flash content used together effectively can provide people with an interactive and enriching multimedia reading experience. E-book content is suitable for all forms of corporate communications; including but not limited to newsletters, brochures, annual reports, and even for communicating Initial Public Offerings information. Through the world web wide, e-books can be distributed to a much greater audience in a short amount of time, with real time information that can be accessed and updated instantaneously.

To cater to needs for interactivity and consistent real time updates, we also offer mobile versions of your e-book. As one of the world's most smartphone-saturated markets, Hong Kong has an increasing need for mobile access to digital data. Through a mobile device application, your e-book can be instantly viewed with the latest available information. Companies can conveniently allow customers and clients to access to their corporate communications while on the move.

Our team provides additional value by offering cost-effective and user-friendly customized designs for web and app e-books. As part of our "One-Stop" Solution style of service, you will also enjoy printing and courier cost reductions for better resource allocation.