Server and Workstation Migration

Server Migration

Our solution is made for the corporate world. It is domain-aware, customizable and scriptable for easy integration with existing corporate tools. Our Server Migration process includes the smooth transfer of all server software, user profiles, domain settings and permissions, network configurations, custom software and applications, printers – essentially everything that makes your business work. We more than anyone understand the value of business continuity and the importance of clean, efficient IT work.

  • Microsoft file server migration
  • Microsoft exchange migration
  • Microsoft SQL server migration
  • Microsoft print server migration
  • Microsoft small business server migration

Workstation Migration

Migrating users to a new computer is a very time consuming process. Not only does the user have to wait while their PC is migrated, users often end up spending unneeded amounts of time “re-personalizing” the machine once it has been returned. This can include reinstalling software that is not being centrally provisioned, recovering emails and re-customizing general settings.

Our goal is to provide you with no hassle, no worries. Our system migration solution provides comprehensive coverage for your business:

  • Microsoft large-scale system installation
  • Backup existing data and setting
  • Software and Application installation
  • E-Mail / Outlook migration
  • Windows Patch management
  • Setting migration
  • Re-personalize
  • 24 hours migration service
  • Documentation