IT Infrastructure and New Office Setup

Our Service team offers you a range of comprehensive infrastructure solutions spanning from consultation, provision of hardware solutions, solution design, business applications to network and security management solutions on top of IT support services. The result is a one-stop complete package that ensures your business can keep its IT operations running smoothly at affordable and cost effective rates.

The IT sector becomes more advanced by the day. Taking this into consideration, your company's current systems infrastructure may quickly become unable to address your staff’s changing business needs. Building a cost-effective, scalable and manageable IT infrastructure is the most cost effective way to address today’s ever-increasing demands. Our IT professionals can help you implement an optimal IT infrastructure to ensure you stay ahead.


  • Solution architecture design
  • IT network infrastructure setup consultation and project management
  • Network cabling
  • PC, notebook server, UPS, storage solutions and software license procurement and setup
  • Print infrastructure procurement and setup
  • Network and security solutions such as wireless, router, switch, firewall and VPN, etc.
  • Cloud solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 and related setup and data migration services
  • Communication solutions such as IP phone and video conferencing
  • IT equipment relocation support


  • Hassle-free one stop solution minimizes time and effort involved in coordinating with different parties, leaves your staff free to focus on the core business
  • Top quality professional project team ensures tasks will be completed within the pre-agreed timeframe
  • Flexible investment and payment options to suit companies of every size and type
  • Improved IT performance with fewer risks and greater peace of mind